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God Is Love



God is love,

 The heavens tell it,

 Stars above in brilliance spell it,

 God is love,

 Rejoice and sing my soul,

All the hills repeat its glory,

Rocks and rills sing out the story

God is love, 

 O let the music roll,

Hear it in the laughing wind

That whispers through a tree,

Listen to its echo in a robin rapsody 

Glorious word

All nature’s ringing,

 Have you heard

 The song they’re singing,

God is love

O praise him God is love.


 God is love, O truth transcendent,


 Message of his word resplendent,

God is love

Its pages all proclaim,


 Christ the Lord,


 The great creator,

Heaven adored

Became our Saviour,

Born on earth

To bear our sin and shame,


But a waiting wandering world


 His grace and mercy scorns,

In a Roman judgment hall

They crown him king with thorns,

 O what loss,

 All earth should note it,

 At the cross in blood he wrote it,

God is love,

 O hear it God is love.